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Shine & Style

Let your personality shine through! You have an entire armory of assets you don’t know about yet… Most of us focus on a small physical defect rather than on our most attractive attributes. No one will notice a long nose on a woman with incredible eyes that are made up in a pretty way. By wearing low-waist trousers, a slender man with very long legs creates a balanced figure. Color also plays a fundamental role in bringing out your best. Defining the shades that make you look sublime is a critical part of your image consultation.

You are the lone master of your appearance. Based on mutually defined objectives, The Image Lounge will help you find the style that best expresses your inner self. We use varied techniques: harmonizing the colors you wear; studying your figure and style; providing advice on what suits your face, wardrobe consulting and make-up classes for women. After a single consultation or complete makeover, together we list the results of the process.

Our Image Team

Joëlle Merzel : Image advice (FR/EN),

Betty Berkovic: Image advice (NL/FR/EN),